Water & fire

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Hi All from Italy,
here is a little drawing I made yesterday, when I took part to an en plein air competition: my ispiration was also due to one of the links I've found here Smile
This little piece was noticed and appreciated by the jury (and was the only paper piece in the contest!).
I've used water pens and a golden marker.
I hope you enjoy! Best,

Rangoli: Water & fire


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Beautifully painted, Adele! I think one of the Hrydhayakamalam patterns inspired you. Smile
Lovely speck of gold within some petals. Nice presentation as well. Thank you for sharing it here with all of us.

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Good piece of painting,I appreciate your idea of creating Hridayakamalam

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Adele, Very nice colorful drawing. I have just drawn a black and white design of this pattern. will upload it soon.

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Nice painting. This is looking like the Sun in the center and its rays surrounding the sun (reddish) mingling with the sky blue. Beautiful colour gradation, Adele!

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lovely painting adelec...i miss ur last finishing words...Love is the answer.....thanks for sharing....

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Beautifully presented. The colouring, shading and distribution looks lovely Smile

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Can be adopted to Glass painting.
Thanks for sharing

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Oh, I too thought it was a glass painting! Lotus, nicely colored on paper!

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nice work.

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Beautifully done,

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Thanks a lot for your comments!!!
This place is an inspiration! Smile
As soon as I find it again I'll tell you which was the link.

Love is the answer

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Here it is, was a pdf document, titled "Amma Muggulu How To".

Love is the answer

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Very impressive one!

Regards! - mOhana

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awesome....good presentation of the traditional hrudayakamalam, thanks a lot of sharing

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Beautifully done,

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For me, looks like a rising sun, it rays being reflected on sea... Good work.. And the title & caption..

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Thanks a lot! I tried to represent this but am not really certain about the sky color gradation. I'll try again Smile The title was the subject of the competition.

Love is the answer

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u maintained the colouring tempo so well really very nice