Water & fire

Beautifully painted, Adele! I think one of the Hrydhayakamalam patterns inspired you. :) Lovely speck of gold within some petals. Nice presentation as well. Thank you for sharing it here with all of us.
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Good piece of painting,I appreciate your idea of creating Hridayakamalam
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Adele, Very nice colorful drawing. I have just drawn a black and white design of this pattern. will upload it soon. rajamma
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Nice painting. This is looking like the Sun in the center and its rays surrounding the sun (reddish) mingling with the sky blue. Beautiful colour gradation, Adele!
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lovely painting adelec...i miss ur last finishing words...Love is the answer.....thanks for sharing....
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Beautifully presented. The colouring, shading and distribution looks lovely :)
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wow fine. Can be adopted to Glass painting. Thanks for sharing viji
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Oh, I too thought it was a glass painting! Lotus, nicely colored on paper!
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Thanks a lot for your comments!!! This place is an inspiration! :) As soon as I find it again I'll tell you which was the link. Adele Love is the answer
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Here it is, was a pdf document, titled "Amma Muggulu How To". enjoy! adele Love is the answer
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awesome....good presentation of the traditional hrudayakamalam, thanks a lot of sharing
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For me, looks like a rising sun, it rays being reflected on sea... Good work.. And the title & caption..
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Thanks a lot! I tried to represent this but am not really certain about the sky color gradation. I'll try again :) The title was the subject of the competition. adele Love is the answer
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u maintained the colouring tempo so well really very nice
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