Wall Hanging

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This wall hanging was done by my daughter when she was in 6th standard. Now she has finished 9th. All the designing was done by herself. She did this for a project work on SUPW for the school.

Rangoli: Wall Hanging


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Cute work....Convey my wishes to her.

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very nice!-suguna murugesan

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Very nice work.


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Looks Nice, What is the basic material used?

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Cute one.

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very cute.convey our wish to urlovely,creative daughter

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looks lovely, but i coudnt make out the materials used, could u explain so that we may try for d summer hols

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First I thank all of you for your valuable compliments.
I had a collection waste velvet clothes that are used in sofasets. I had collected it from a carpenter workshop when they despose all the waste materials. She first cut a k.G. Cardboard in the required shape, then she cut the velvet cloth in the same shape and pasted this on the k.g. cardboard. Then she pasted the stones, beads and the photo of Lord Ganesh (Cut from marriage invitations)for decoration.

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Thanks a lot jaya for d details

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thats a pretty best out of waste creation....very good...please convey our regards to your daughter...keep up the spirit

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Pretty art work by your daughter.

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nice work.