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Happy vishu to all ikolam members. Vishu is celebrated in Kerala this coming thursday (15-4-2010). Today itself i put wet maa kolam that day will put podi kolam. For vishu we put all vegetables, fruits and all in our Uruli ( Oottu patram) and we keep kani konna flower an yellow colored flower which will come only in the month of april not before that. the tree will be green other months and during this month there will be only the yellow flowers in the tree no leaves. That flower also we put near uruli in front of lord guruvayoorappan. In the morning we should c this decoration in front of god in the morning and the year will be gud. we come from bed closed eyes and c the fruits and other decorations first. A very nice festival. That day we give money to who ever comes to the house means i mean coin may be 50 ps also will be enough. that up to us we give. I will put the kani after taking picture on 15 april. HAPPY VISHU TO ALL OF IKOLAM AND OTHER PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD

Rangoli: Vishu special Kolam


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Wow! Looks lovely, Priya.

Thank you for the new year wishes, and a happy Vishu to you and your family as well. Smile

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Nice maakolam. I'm ur maakolam fan.

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Sorry i forgot to wish u in the previous comment. Thank you and I wish u and ur family a very happy and prosperous new year.

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We wishu happy vishu Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Vishu Wishes to you and to all ikolam members.. Dazzling Padi kolam..

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Very very beautiful ma'am. Wish you a Happy Vishu..

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Wish u happy vishu.very nice maa kolam.

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Thank you all for your wishes and comments.

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Kolam romba azhagaagavum palichenrum irukku. Happy Vishu to you, all ikolam members and families.

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thank u sjnt

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very well drawn and nice design also

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Alamelu maam this is a pretty kolam and happy Vishu to u and your family too

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Alamelu, Vishu spl kolam nannaayttundu.Happy Vishu to you and family. Kani nokkaan kaaththirikkunnu.

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rajamma mam super malayalam. malayalam nannayittu parayunnallo. i will attach my kani picture to u all. thank u for the comment

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Nice padikkolam. Happy Vishu!

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thank u jayamohan, dibbutn and indhu for your comments

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Electrifying padikolam - palich palich - very pretty Alamelu - hope you enjoy your new year Smile

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very very beautiful kolam looks like a mat

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thank u judy and lakshmi. judy my new year was with my parents and kids enjoyed i made aviyal and sambar. Ammai did vadai and aval pal payasam. My sister also came and we had a very nice time.

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Very bright and nice maakolam. It is nice that you all were together to welcome the new year.

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அலமு,நிங்களுடே விஷுக்கனி போட்டோ கண்டு.! அம்மையும் குட்டிகளும் கூடி விஷு அடிபொளி ஆயிருந்து அல்லே? எனிககும் என்டே அம்மைய்டே கையின்னு விஷுகை நீட்டம் கிட்டி.

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thank u rajamma mam your malayalam in tamil kollam ketto. nallatha vaikkan. super mam

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hai mam belated wishes for vishu and also thanks for a lovely kolam...

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thank u chandini