Vinayagar chathurthi kolam

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On this auspicious occasion of Vinayagar Chathurthi I submit my first kolam. Lata, request you to kindly publish this on the website - I highly appreciate the comments and feedback of ikolam members as it would help me progress in my work. I am a beginner and have learnt the various kolam designs from this site. [Please excuse the amateurish strokes !!!]

Happy chathurthi
Deepa Venkat

Rangoli: Vinayagar chathurthi kolam


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Wow, beautiful maakolam, nicely drawn

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wonderful maa kolam,

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beautiful maa kolam mam

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Welcome to ikolam.. Pretty good maa kolam Deepa.. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you too

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divine wk deepa

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Dear all,

I am extremely happy to receive your comments - and such comments coming from kolam experts is like ...... I have no words to describe my joy!!! It motivates me to do better. Until I became a regular viewer of ikolam (which is about a month ago), I was not aware that one could create such magic with lines alone. I am yet to venture into dotted kolams. I do try some but most of the time get lost in the maze...

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very cute kolam dear

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Pretty design and a very well execution of the first kolam.Welcome and all the best to the new ventures.

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wonderfully made line kolam deepa mam.. perfect symmetry....waiting for more and more visual treats from you.

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Beautiful kolam

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Nice padi kolam tried by u deepa...waiting to see more of ur submissions....

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Deepa maam a very good one for a first kolam. Do not worry dear, with practice, I am sure ur going to do wonders in the coming days. Just a suggestion dear, after the kolam dries out try and remove the extra dots and patches left behind with a wet cloth.

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Your first submission is very very beautiful...nicely drawn Deepa.

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Hi Deepa, Very happy to see ur first submission - maa kolam. Very beautiful design. For a beginner it has come out so beautifully. Practise makes perfect. If you practise it regularly, you will be able to present us with wonderful designs. I started making maa kolams from last yr (2010) Navarathri days onwards and that was my entry to I-Kolam. If you see the first two or three submissions, you will know how I have improved now. Please follow the suggestion given by Pushpa (DibbuTn).


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Thank you all for your valuable suggestions