Vegetable carving - Cucumber and Pumpkin


Our theme for this year's Navrathri golu was BHAKTHI. We had shown various types of bhakti and also displayed our Ganesh collection. We had made a rangoli depicting musical instruments. We had also made a Saree shop which was made out of waste clothes, thermocol etc. We had also made delicious food like idli, dosa and sweets which were made of wax.

Rangoli: Vegetable carving - Cucumber and Pumpkin


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Very nice vegetable carving. It must have been hard to do the pumpkin one, is that a peacock?

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Beautiful... Reminds me of my school days....

nice little green favourite cartoon character is pingu pi pi pi pi pingu pinguuuu .... Green pingu....

So what is this years navarathiri theme ?

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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