VC Rangoli

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This rangoli design is an inspiration from one of the idols of my Ganesha collection, hence named it VC Rangoli(Vinayaga Chathurti)

Rangoli: VC Rangoli


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Nice and unique! Pretty heart shapes for the head as well as the body.
I was just thinking about you the other day. It was all about your Ganesha collection. I was wondering how many more or rather what additional variety you had added since the last time you had shared your collection with us. Smile

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lovely rangoli sumathy mam...d cols, d broad outerlines r all so lovely...

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Excellent.. Well captured and executed from your model.. Adorable Ganesha.....

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lovely VC rangoli maam. frame this picture also and add it to your collection.

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Very beautiful VC rangoli. The ganesha looks so cute. But generally I have seen this with green leaves. Here ganesha is colourful.

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Cute Ganesha rangoli with hearts as body and head, Sumathi. I too have a collection of Ganeshas but now i have no place to display it and all are inside my cupboard Sad

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Unique rangoli Sumi - so very cute and colours well combined - so nice to see a rangoli from you after a long time..

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Tanxs for the encouraging comments,Lata for Ganesh Chaturthi I got two new Ganeshas ,one in the lying posture and another orange coloured one carrying a bag at the back.Padma u r right this is a copy of the green leaf Ganesha.My collection has reached 275.Recently I got a sleeping Baby Ganesha from Chicago given by my friend.

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Nice to see a rangoli Ganesa from you after a long time.

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excellent Ganesha design..sumathi..let me has come out very very beautiful

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not only a vc but also ec 2 draw since ur strokes r so clear 4 even a beginr cud learn frm this work