Variation of Geometric kolam 2

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This is a slight variation of Geometric kolam 2 which uses 19-10 Interlaced dots. The outer design is freehand.

Rangoli: Variation of Geometric kolam 2


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Beautiful design of geometric kolam.

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It is hard to get started on commenting on this one. I mean, just when you start paying attention to the interior dotted design, the outer frills pulls at you. And when you're enjoying the outer frills, the 3D effect steals your gaze. We also notice the progression of the different shades in colors. Like I said, it is hard to comment Preeti. Too much work for my brain Wink

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Yes two contrasting beauties standing in front of u , which one to admire? I am also in cconfusion. Great work Preeti!

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Great 3d effect. Tempts me to make a rangoli! Do I need some engineering-drawing skills to draw this one?

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Preethi you r doing hitech 3 D kolams.Brindha u better provide us with 3D spectacles to see your daughter's work.

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good 3d effect preeti..jayaji and sumathi yesss right....

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So you achieved one thing Preeti - confusing everyone - now have fun Blum 3 Lovely, didn't I see something like this in one of your rangolis recently?? You achieved the 3D effect very well Smile

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Lovely 3-d kolam

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3D effect is really superb and also the borders give a rich look.

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nice 3D concept fusioned with the freehand design

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Thanks for the lovely comments everyone Smile This should be a breeze to all of you Jaya aunty Smile
Lata aunty, Rajamma aunty and Judy aunty, I hope the confusion was not bad thing Wink I was trying out some geometric designs and tried to fit them into dots, and adding the freehand design seemed to be a good idea. Hope it was Smile Yes Judy aunty, I've posted three hexagonal kolams until now, out of which two have been published (all with the same dot count) Smile Thanks again Sreegiriji, Sumathi ma'am, Lakshmi aunty, sitthi :), Indu ma'am, Pushpa ma'am, Sudha ma'am and Anirudhji.