Varalakshmi Nombu

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The full view of the decorated kalasam of Godes varalakshmi

Rangoli: Varalakshmi Nombu


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yr puja room is so nice vasi mam...thanks for sharing....

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very beautiful and cute amman. she is just like a kid to c ad the decoration are very beautiful

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Very nice. Thanks for sharing

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VGasi. very nice alankaarams. Goddess look very pretty and devine with all your decorations.

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Vasi maam wonderful and divine picture... looks very pretty... Pls Pls pls share with us how you made the malai with woollen. I am sure many would love to know that. Take your time but pls do share

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very nice.

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Very Cute "PUTTA (small) LAKSHMI). In a very small place, you have arranged well Vasi. I think you are craze of collecting photos of gods and goddesses.

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Beautiful decoration, Vasi mam. The Goddess must have been pleased with your involved alankaram:) Devi's face looks so cute and divine.

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Chinnanjiru penn pole, chittraadai udai uduthi,....... seergaazhi Govindarajan indha mugathai ninaiththuthaan paadinaaro.... Very pretty and well decorated.

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Beautifully decorated in the pooja room . Goddes face is very pretty.

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Divine and beautifully decorated Smile