Valentine rangoli

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About Valentine rangoli:

This may be added to the group of Valentine Rangoli's. Did any one liked this? Pls comment

Dotted kolam
valentine 2010
Rangoli: Valentine rangoli


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Beautiful design.

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I couldn't stop my chuckles after having read your question; "Did anyone like this?" :0

Yes I like it Padma. I'll add this one to the valentine group. This looks good in green and red. I see more in your notebook, gives me a tiny peek at more to come. Smile

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Somehow I feel it resembles our blue bell kolams.

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Yes Rajamma, you are absolutely right. I got inspired by the Blue Bell Kolam of Lata and I created this. Thanks for lata also.

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Of course we like it Padma - why such a big doubt?? Nice way to get inspired and make new kolam - hope more of our kolams inspire you and we get to see more new kolams from you soon Smile

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Definitely Judy, with all ur support and inspiration, I will try to come out with new designs and colours.

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kutty hearts looks sweet and come out very well.

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Padma maam cute valentine's kolam

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Padma maam, I liked this kolam very much with kutty kutty coloured hearts.

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simple but neatly drawn, beautiful kolam.

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Hi Padma,
joined this forum especially to get details about U'r muggu (kolam?)
looking for how many dots? alternate or equal?

Plan to put this muggu on my patio this valenitnes day


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Smile nice rangoli

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yes,I too liked it dear .indeed very neet and cute design .Congrats