Umbrella Dance

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This kolam is symbolic of welcoming rains in Chennai. Actually no dot count just an imagination of cut and paste using MSP

Rangoli: Umbrella Dance


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The pink ones makes me want to grab one and go out, doesn't matter if it rains or not. Smile

The Kaleidoscopic effect lends interest. I also like the color-wheel umbrellas you have in this collage.
The whole arrangement sort of looks like a beautiful tray. Very pretty Sumathi. Smile

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Sumathi ,Wow!! colour full umbrellas !!!thanks for timely help as chennai is rainning......hope u will get bulk orders for umbrellas !!! all the best..

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I love those pinky umbrellas. nice idea Sumathi to draw computer kolam with colorful umbrellas.

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I created the outer border using where you have various designs and background to add to your collage

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Very colourful umbrellas! Reminds me more of the already gone summer days than the 40 degree (4 C) temperature outside! I think it must have been quite windy, the umbrella at the east has fallen!

Regards! - mOhana

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No Sir,the umbrellas have not fallen ,they are practising Salsa

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Oh Sumathi - an apt kolam for the present climate in Chennai - the pink ones with the bows are too cute Smile