tulasi bRndAvana

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About tulasi bRndAvana :

SrIpAdarAya, perhaps the founder of the karNATaka system of music, composed a song bhUshaNake bhUshaNa. In it he mentions aalayake bhUshaNa tulasi bRndAvana (tulasi bRMdAvana is the ornament for a temple). You may hear this song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV_LaxgK-qM . purandaradAsa too wrote a song ollanO hari koLLanO ella sAdhanaviddu tuLasi illada pUje (SrI hari will not accept worship without tuLasi even if all other elements are present). You may listen to this song at http://www.musicindiaonline.com/list_albums/i/99-Kannada_Devotional/10963-Madhu_Balakrishnan/#/list_albums/i/99-Kannada_Devotional/10963-Madhu_Balakrishnan/ . I have drawn a two line chikku kOlam of a tulasIbRndAvana for all ladies on the forum, particularly for two whose names begin with the letter l. One is very fond of tulasi mADam and the other draws so many colourful rangOlis before tulasi Smile Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Dotted kolam
holy basil
Rangoli: tulasi bRndAvana


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Very nice Thulasi maadam JKM sir and thanks for the link...sure will hear the song.

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I don't have the words for this at this moment. Maybe if I stop gazing at it and sighing, my brain might think of a few words to say. I'll try to say something later on. Smile

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Beautifully made thulasi maadam pattern jkm sir...thanks for d interesting write-up.....

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Lovely tulasi madam kolam in chikku pattern, JKM sir. Thanks for the write up. very interesting to read it. When time permits, will definitely hear the songs thru the links provided by u.


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Nice write up. Must find time to hear the songs.
The Thulasi madam and the green colored chikku kolam thulasi plant are lovely

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yes, we really enjoyed the tulasi maadam.Thank you sir.

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thanks for nice design sir, a must try for us.
also for sharing nice songs, with details....thanks soo much

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very divine and gives a temple feel

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Lovely tulasi madam with chikku kolam.. thanks for your sharing sir..

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"tulsi katte nimma
nenapisidhe oorina mane namma
dodda angalada madya
stapisidhe edar saundarya(satya)
belagina java
maduvevu edara pooja
hasiru edar banna
maduthe mana prasanna
kemmu ,sheeta ,jwara
ajji tegeyitu edar rasa
tulsi katte nimma
nenapisidhe oorina mane namma "

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nice sir.

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Wow fantastic tulasi madam design. Beautiful.

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Wow JKM sir not only Lakshmi and Lata, I too love ur tulasi maadam

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From the top to the bottom, I admired this kolam many times since it made it here in the queue. The colors of the strokes work so well together in this chikku kolam. I might have imagined placing a lighted diya in the niche many many times since I saw this kolam. :0 As I mentioned earlier, once my mind starts wandering in such thoughts, I find it so hard to come back here to start typing. I can't wait to visit Lakshmi's Devi the next time I go there. I have more to write, but I think I'm getting a bit sadder by the second, so I guess I'll stop.

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lovely Thulasi brindhavana...excellent songs...hmm... i will try to draw this in front of thulasi and i will upload shortly....Lata iam eagarly waiting for that day...thank you mOhanaji...