tuesday rangoli

ammuchandhini Tue, 05/25/2010 - 10:32
Mam, the kolam is really superb, bright with zebra lines and dark kavi gives rich look
Tue, 05/25/2010 - 21:21 Permalink
Padma Prakash
The whole beauty lies in the Kavi border and the parallel line filling. Beautiful.
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 02:05 Permalink
hai rani, very nice and beautiful.
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 06:02 Permalink
thanks a lot padma nithya alamelu mam padma mam and usha mam....
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 18:35 Permalink
rrrrraaannniiii how u?? ur bamboo basket kolam looks veryyyyyyyyy nice....
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 20:13 Permalink
HAI LAKSHMI ......b'lore lerundu vandaacha....great....
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 21:59 Permalink
coooll... nice creation rani.. by seeing the icon in home page itself we can spot rani's kolam.. ur strokes r having unique style!! lakshmi how r u?
Thu, 05/27/2010 - 02:26 Permalink
thank u lakshmi vidhya vasi mam and mythily ...
Thu, 05/27/2010 - 03:43 Permalink
Yeeeeeh Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!!!!! with the wonderful kaavi... Ammu maam beautiful one and of course the kaavi doubles the beauty... perhaps if you had outlined the inner floral pattern with kaavi too it would have looked fabulous... just an opinion maam (u know na how crazy I am of your kaavi color and since I get to see it only on Tuesdays and Fridays I think I want to see more of the wonderful kaavi ..that is the reason for the suggestion I guess :))
Thu, 05/27/2010 - 06:44 Permalink
Rani, see how your kolams turn us as a child and jump with joy like Pushpa :) neat and different type of filling enhance the beauty !
Fri, 05/28/2010 - 00:14 Permalink
PUSHPA MAMMMMM..so happy to see yr comment and brinda mam...thanks...yenna aacharyam pushpa mam naan kooda upload senjappuram parthuttu toninadu..inner linekkum kavi potrilikkalam enru...same u....
Mon, 05/31/2010 - 21:40 Permalink
Hey Rani this looks like a zebra too. Had you outlined the central flower with kaavi too it would have looked extremely good :)
Tue, 06/01/2010 - 03:00 Permalink