Triangular design

preethirajaganesh Fri, 01/12/2007 - 00:26

hi Its a beautiful design , till now i haven't seen this design. Please show me how to draw this design in parts so that i can learn. Waiting for your reply
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hi, This is purely imaginative. I first started with a oval and a mango shape inside it. later i replaced the mango with om. then i drawn the lotus surrounding this oval. then i thought of drawing some birds and lilies surrounding this lotus. U can create such designs by urself. started with butterflies and flowers but colouring this took 2 hrs for me. so i thought of ending this rangoli and drawn the outline as the way my hand goes. thats it. u can try out such designs by starting with a mango or diamond shape or with a flower or like a flower vase...... try this out sravani. i will upload some of my designs and u will get some ideas. nice to meet u. bye preethi
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Hi Preethi Good Designer ! Very nice creativity u have ...& apt color selection. Waiting to c ur new imaginative designs. Regards Vanitha

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