Triangular arrangement of rhombuses in hexagonal patterns

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Earlier, I gave patterns of squares in a right angled triangle arranged as squares. Today I am giving hexagonal patterns of rhombuses (two back-to-back equilateral triangles) in equilateral triangles. The figure on the right gives the pattern with three rhombuses at the base. The figure on the left gives the pattern with five such rhombuses. The basic motifs are also shown separately. Enjoy! Regards - mOhana

Rangoli: Triangular arrangement of rhombuses in hexagonal patterns


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Wow...jkm sir...thanks for another beautiful pattern...and also thanks again for d pink demo with dots....

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very nice patten sir., nice to see your step by step... procedure.... lovely pink.... in black b/g..

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nice pattern!-suguna murugesan

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very pretty star sir....thanks so much for the detailed steps

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Very pretty star design, JKM sir.


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Wow I loved this, JKM sir looks very nice sir.

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nice patterns

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wow nice and gud design.

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Very nice pattern.

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Lovely patterns sir.

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very nice and beautiful design.