Trial Kolam

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About Trial Kolam : PRINT

Iam in the middle of learning sikku kolam and inspired by Rani Mam and Sowmi and Pushpa Mam, i tried this kolam in paper. I know, everyone will laugh at this, but i am confident that one day (very soon) i will also draw a beautiful sikku kolam. So this is my trial kolam.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Trial Kolam


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Lovely kolam niths....hope u get some free time to try these trial kolams on ur lovely cowdung floor.....

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wow nithya very neat! plz try this on ur floor!-suguna murugesan

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Nithya, why should we laugh at your work? It looks very very pretty in paper version. Will look still more beautiful if u remake it on your cowdung floor for us.


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beautiful trail kolam you drawn on paper... nithiya mam..

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this kolam is just lovely in black and white combo...
y should everyone laugh nithi,,,, nobody is a born expert,,, even senior members have v.simple uploads in d beginning,,,just check d gallery of every experts beginning kolams,,, u will gain a lot of confidence,,, i appreciate ur interest in learning and iam sure a sikku expert is growing,in u ,,,,,,,,,,,al d best

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THis looks very good. Will be more beautiful in ur floor with ur drawing.

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Nithya dear, u are doing such a good job on paper sweetheart, i am sure u will do amazingly beautiful ones on the floor so go ahead and try it dear and if anyone laughs at u i am there to guard u, u dont worry pa and pls pls dear, call me just Pushpa na, no maam

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Lovely sikku kolam Nithya. Implement your sikku kolam on floor. Waiting to see

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lovely strokes nithya, try again and again, you will succeed.

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Thank you very much everybody for all your lovely encouragement. I definitely try it on floor very soon.

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Wow...You have done a very neat work on paper Nithya....please try to do it on your cow dung floor for us...sure would be a very pretty doubt about that ...