Traditional rangoli

jaanu Tue, 07/27/2010 - 10:59

Ohh! Very nice colour combination. The finished kolam might be so beautiful. but we can't win against nature! Atleast we got the opportunity to view this much!
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Beautiful starting.... The kolam drawn with good symmetry and strokes. Red and yellow mangalagaramana combination, where we missed the real feast... Thanks for sharing ...
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Wow what a fantastic kolam. when it fully finished we are all very very happy too see it.Thanks for sharing i don't have this in my notebook.
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We appreciate you sharing your incomplete rangoli with all of us. Gives us an idea of your style of coloring. :) Just wondering, isn't it hard to tip toe to the center for coloring, after you've finished coloring the elements on the outer part of the rangoli? :)
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Radha Vasudevan

wat a beautiful colour bright nd cute... especially the double shading of 'sangu'... varuna baghavanukku epadi manasu vandhadho, indha kolathai kalikka....
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Oh so sad, the making itself looks so bright and pretty, the finished version would have looked so splendid, I can only imagine and I can also imagine the disappointed you would hv felt...
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Such a big and neat kolam. bright and bold twin coloring.Atleast you took a poto when it is half way thru. Would have been a wonderful kolam when finished fully. Like Lata ,I am also surprised to see how u will color the inner parts. rajamma
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Great unfinished project! It is left now to our imagination how the complete pattern would have looked. May be somebody could create it on the computer :-) Regards! - mOhana
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so the rain sang "Mangalam" to this mangalagaramaana kolam.. Pity we did not get to see the finished kolam - what a beauty this one would have been - with just two lovely contrast colours....
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Very neatly drawn design and the colours are also very bright. However, thanks for sharing the half-way kolam. So Judy, we can expect your creation in a short period:)
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though it is incomplete the 2 perfect color combination just potrays a printout of it in our memory, simply grt, no pc work could bring out the real beauty of this superb hand drawn kolam
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JaAaNu (not verified)

ya lata its a tuf job, but the inner part was filled with flowers, so made the job easier one. but i got the fully completed pic from my friend who took the photo before it rained. here is the completed one. Thanks to anu who took this pic.. she helped me to share with you ppl the finished kolam
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This is 31 to 16 mid dots kolam. Yesterday I tried this kolam on the paper . I like to draw this kolam on the floor, but I don't have that much space. Sridevi
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