This is most beautiful rangoli this diwali

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Hi, this is roks patel design. This was designed for our home, and it is special, so you can tell all persons, thats it...

jay shree krishna


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hi ms. payal, i liked the

hi ms. payal, i liked the colourful and beautiful curves...........badhaayii ho!!!!!!!!

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woooooooooooow superb

woooooooooooow superb coloring shades, crimson on majentha chumma kalakal,i ve 2 learn a lot from ur colors,grt wk da

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Superb art work. Nice

Superb art work. Nice shading effect giving a life-like look. Well done Antala Payalji

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Excellent work. Nice shading

Excellent work. Nice shading work.

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Sucha abeautiful bird with

Sucha abeautiful bird with bright colors.Good job.

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pretty proud bird, with all

pretty proud bird, with all colors and a nice lotus in the beak, thanks for sharing

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Antala maam wonderfully

Antala maam wonderfully drawn peacock... I specially liked the peacock's feather made with different colors and the way they curve... beatifully drawn

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What a beautiful bird with

What a beautiful bird with curves all over!

Regards! - mOhana

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It looks very

It looks very beautifull.nice colours and self design..very nice stroks...keep it up waiting to see more and more ...

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superb excellent work no

superb excellent work no words to describe

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Wow what a handsome peacock

Wow what a handsome peacock - the colouring is really very good and the blurred effect highlights the rangoli - excellent Smile

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payal, really you have drawn

payal, really you have drawn this with utmost care by keeping the colour shades and the perfect stokes. The strokes are really fine.

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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Antala!

Welcome to ikolam Ms.Antala! Smile

Your Diwali rangoli is very beautiful! The choice of colors and the contrasting dark and light shades of colors makes this bird look like a bride! Very nice plumes. Thank you for sharing your work here at ikolam.