Theppa Kulam Thair Kolam

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About Theppa Kulam Thair Kolam:

Straight dots: 17 - 17

This was the outcome of a temptation made by Rani to make a thair kolam for Radhasapthami which is tomorrow i.s., 10 Feb. I had to go out this morning and literally forgot about it. After I got back I suddenly remembered and took my book out to see if I could find any such kolams so I also could upload my version of a thair. I found 4 such kolams but had the time to make only this one (this one was the easiest). I was in a hurry to finish as I wanted to upload now itself and though I wanted to experiment with more effects, since there was not enough time I have used the usual effects and finished this one. The bottom of the thair is in the shape of a boat I called it 'Theppa Kulam Thair Kolam'. I hope you like this one and would love to hear your feedback on where I could improve my skills...

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Theppa Kulam Thair Kolam


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Lovely ther decorated with bright colors. The teppakulam (tank) looks pleasing in Blue.
My suggestion would be - Please treat us more with computer kolams.. Tempting me to venture into computer kolams Smile

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Excellent work ,judy

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hai judy,
makes me too happy to b the 1st one to comment ur fabulous wk,cute rathams with kutti green flags,and d colorful kumbams looks extraordinary, i would like to learn a lot frm u abt fotoshop creations, also would feel glad if u could teach step by step for beginners through ikolam. rao sir and lata could also consult and decide about such a teaching blog in our site, and help us in a fruitful way.

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omg before i could type vinci and veni have ................

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Judy, your theppa kula ther + Kalasam kolam looks very cute. The light blue BG is very apt - looks like your kutti ther is floating on water!! The coconut on the kalasam also looks like fish swimming around!

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Fantastic ther kolam done in pc by you Judy. color choice is too good. Looking forward to more such kolams in pc Smile

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Cute theppakulam ther kolam. The kalasam is also very nice.

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Beautiful kolam. Nice design and good to see the dotted kolam ther.

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Thanks a lot Vinci (and I am going to see your computer kolams also very soon I think), Veni, Uma (would be my pleasure to teach you my dear), Sindhu, Sowmi, Pragaya and Veena for your encouraging comments.

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Fantastic ther kolam judy.looks different....nice colours.....

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Thanks a lot Laks - nothing to beat your carpets though..

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Hi Judy, nice theppakula ther kolam. cute boat based ther with umbrella to hide from the rain drops. Sindhuja, it is only fish not coconut, swimming inside the kalasam to find out any spl item to eat. the bubblegum effect of the kalasam with yellow wings is also.nice. Judy,My suggestion is you are capable of doing wonders in PC that too in short notice, why not enjoy drawing peacefully taking your own sweet time. we will wait...! Ok.

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colorful theppa ther kolam jude.

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gud kolam

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Ther at Computer.
Jude done well and bright.
I dontknow when i am going to learn photoshop

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Excellent theppa kula ther Judy....

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Excellent work.

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The red colored chariots look lovely and lively, Judy! I agree, the coconut looks nice in the shape of a fish. Smile

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Wow....beautiful work done by u judy....d col combination is too good and i luv that glossy look of ur kolam and thanks for joining us dear...

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beautiful judy, the ther on water looks great....nice choice of colors

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Thanks a ton Rajam for your valuable comments (I have already submitted more than 3 kolams for the 10 - 10 collection done on the PC - enjoy), Suba, Alamelu, Viji (you are welcome to come to my house anytime and I promise to teach you), Jayanthi, Sree, Lata (fish looking coconut - haha), Rani (I must thank you because you only tempted me to join at the right time) and Anirudh for your encouragement and comments