The Swan - Mother Gayatri's vehicle

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About The Swan - Mother Gayatri's vehicle:
Rangoli: The Swan -  Mother Gayatri's vehicle


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THIS DESIGN IS A DIVINE REVELATION of GOD to me: T E L U G U Saraswatee. As you are aware that the Vaahanamu of Saraswatee is a white Cellestial Swan, the same vehicle for Mother Gayatri. While I try to dive deep into Artistic Spiritual plane, while meditating on the TELUGU Script of the scribing of "OM", without any alteration whatsoever, the form of the Cellestial White Swan comes into shape by its own accord. Be Blessed, dear devotees of RANGAVALLIKALU.
I am blessed in a multi fold way. Being born in this smallll island of Mauritius, lost in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, I have made it a resolution to share my little knowledge about the most wonderful art of MUGGULU by using different techniques.
You may go to "You Tube", type: "Telugu muggulu", you'll find me in white clothers, designing MUGGULU with four different coloured chalk pieces between the knucles of the right hand. This invention has ben bestowed to me by the Kali Yuga Avataara Puttaparthi Bhagavaan Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baaba Vankata Ramana Swaami Vaaru.
I also designed a WONDERFUL iwooden instrument which I wish to present to hte adepts of MUGGULU through this IKOLAM. I need the gratefull & Kind permission of Lalita Ammagaagu.

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Please do share your instrument with all of us.
Thank you