The last mud floor kolam

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This kolam was done on Rathasapthami Day...and this would be the last mud floor kolam....because we are given a new cement road...i hated it when they ploughed my paved floor and spoiled it like heap of stones....bye bye...mud floor

Rangoli: The last mud floor kolam


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lovely ther kolam deepa! u r impressing me very much in padi kolams! suguna murugesan

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lovely kolam deepa.keep it up

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Hai deepa...lovely mud floor sad we won't be able to see ur mud floor kolams anymore....this chariot design is awesome....

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very nice so sad that this the last mud kolam. mud is disappearing now a days right deepa?

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Sad so sad, aiyoo we wont get to see those beautiful kolams of ur on the mud floor again. Anyway hoping to see more wonderful work from u on the newly paved one

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As for the kolam, using simple strokes u have made a wonderful ther kolam

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thank u so much Suguna mam ,Lakshmi mam,Rani mam...yes Alamelu mam.....its been 17 years we had this mud floor....i was in my 7th grade when i started making kolams in the mud bears the prestigious position of bearing my "initial asinga kolams" today's kolams....i'll really miss her !
Thanks Dibbutn mam !

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pretty kolam for the Ratha sapthami day, Deepa. You have done a good job with kuzhal. We will be missing your mud floor but not your lovely kolams, Deepa.

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lovely ther kolam!every year on rathasapthami day we do 108 surya namaskars in our yoga class praying for world peace with great interest

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Simply superb............

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Very pretty ther kolam - and of a different type too... It is a special beauty that a mud floor gives to a kolam. You will surely miss it...

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You could have submited this along with other 'rathams' by members!
Brindha, this is not a kuzhal kolam but eepa's parellel lines make you think so!
Deepa, we too miss your mud floor!

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This Radha kolam looks so beautiful. We will be missing ur mud floor beauty. Still you can treat us with ur kolams done on the new pavement. We have to accept 'changes'.


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Very pretty kolam...very sad to know that this is your last mud kolam....your kolams always had a special effect on this floor along with the bright sunrays.....we too will miss it a lot.

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so sad to mis ur mud floor kolams, this wk seems splendid

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Pretty Radham dear.
Ya it is very sad that without proper background cannot do kolam.

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thank u so much everyone....especially Brindha mam, Jeya mam ,soumya mam,uma mam,sindhu mam...indhu mam...maha mam and viji mam...thank u so much

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:(:(:(:(:( - no more mud floor kolams from you Deepa??? OMG!! I think you can get some mud and spread it on the cement road to make a base for your kolams as a substitute (how is my idea??).. WOW this Radham looks so interesting and very very different - I LOVE IT!!