The conch

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The right-turning conch is one of the "eight auspicious signs" in Buddhism. The conch is also the symbol of Lord Vishnu and is revered by his devotees as a sacred symbol. The conch symbols are also drawn at the deity's altar in the hindu culture. This symbol is known as the "Shankh" in India.

Rangoli: The conch


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can anyone tell me if there is any specific kolam pattern that has to be drawn in front of the tulsi, and in front of the Puja room

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There are no specific patterns that are only meant to be drawn in front of the Tulasi. Any rangoli or a dotted kolam could be drawn.

Here are some kolams to be made in puja rooms.

Here is kolam you could make on the surface of your Tulsi planter:

Hope these are of some help to you Smile

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hmm....i think in karnataka, in front of tuLasi..., shanka, chakra, nama would be written in the top border and would be acompanied by lotus, surya, chandra and nakshatra. then any other rangoli would be fine, according to avaliablity of space. please check lakshmiraghuji's gallery, which has kolams written in front of tuLasi brindavan.