Thanks for Contest Gift...

About Thanks for Contest Gift... :

Dear Lathaji, I have received your Gift on 04.02.2013. On the day itself my elder son requested my to draw a heart outer cover in chart for his biology project. So, I have decided to Thank you with that drawing and took two days to complete the drawing. Coz, my MIL still not well and I do all the household works.

I have no words to say Thank you and iKolam for gave me an wonderful opportunity to participate in the Contest. I am saying Thanks with flash animation card and I did it with whatever the things gone in my mind. Please pardon me, if u find any mistakes are there.

Thank you so much Lathaji for everything.
My dear ikolam members Thank you very much for your encouraging comments.




The four hearts are my family members (Myself, my hubby n two children) Lathaji...

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Wow....superb animation gomathy...nice way to thank lata Smile

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super animation by you mama! super!! super!!!

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wow!!wonderful card!!why hearts are beating so fast.... Biggrin Biggrin :bigsmile: hahah looks like" boxing" Biggrin Biggrin :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ..beautiful creation...all the best shishyaji... Smile :party:


Thank u Rani dear, Roja mam n Laksh dear for ur instant comments. Smile

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lovely animation gomathi. Smile

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Superb :love: :love: :love:

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well done

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Thanks so much for your heartwarming and heart-filled "Thank you" card! I'm trying to match my "lubdub" with all these four hearts, but could hardly keep up. :bigsmile:
We're so glad you could participate and treat us all with your wonderful entries, and your regular submissions. I also tasted your chutney yesterday, and did the laundry with you two days ago. (We use liquid bleach to whiten our white/light clothes). I can't tell you how much fun it is to see and hear about parts of your life. :love:

On a separate note, I wanted to let you know that there is a minor glitch with the file upload for animated files, but only for the files that are published instantly. I wouldn't want to turn you into a non-instant publisher, so I guess until I find the time to analyze and fix the minor glitch, we'll have to somehow sideline the issue. Hope you don't mind it. I'm in the middle of adding some more themes to our site, and such, and so will not be able to find the time sooner. Smile

And now, my 11 yr old is interested in uploading her animated people here. I'm trying to delay it since I know I'll have to explain a lot. Biggrin


Thank u so much Lathaji... Smile
Ok boss... Biggrin I will delay my animated entries... Wink Biggrin :bigsmile: