Thai Amavasai Kolam

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About Thai Amavasai Kolam:

Hai Friends!!!! I made this freehand kolam today for Thai Amavasai. Your views please.....

Rangoli: Thai Amavasai Kolam


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Jayanthi your "aloe vera" kolam he he excellent! keep it up.

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nice n neat! suguna murugesan

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Great jayanthi maam.Very neat and clean kolam

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Very beautiful presentation.


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Yes.... Laks u r correct in naming this beauty.

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oh, so sad, iam not able to view the kolam!

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Very bright and eye-catching Kolam. Beautiful designing!!

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Very bright and attractive,jasree

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Ahaa today laksh's mood (for keeping d names) is at her best..haha...lovely design jasree...ur strokes r so casual and d outcome of ur kolam is very great...

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WOW Jayashree ! Amazing one:)

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looks like deep sea corals, fantastic execution, so sharp and bright jeyanthi, but people say not to make kolams on amavasais, is that so , ? some senior members can share their views,besides this is a FANTASTIC KOLAM,

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Wow this looks like a 'Down feather" rug to me - looks so soft and cozy - I love this one Jayanthi

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Pretty design and stokes. Mesmerising me..

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nice and gud one.

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Thank u friends for the encouraging comments.... btw Uma!!! Generally amavasai is the day for worshipping our forefathers and their soul will come to our home to bless us. There is a belief, if we put kolam in fornt of the house they may not enter our home like that, so some people may not put kolams on Amavasai. But Aadi, thai & Malaya Amavasai are treated as special days or holi days so we put kolam on this 3 amavasai days. I hope I've clarified your doubt correctly, is there any other specific reason behind that? please let me know?

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Marvellous design Jayanthiji.

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yesterday when i was abt to make a kolam my neighbour sd nt to make and gave a similar reason, but as you say these 3 r exceptional amavasais i hope, thanks a lot jeyanthi for ur explanation,

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i am a new subscriber in ikolam.
your design is superb. i loved it

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neat and beautiful jashree.

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nice wavy kolam and thanks for your explanation. Very Informative.

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your kolam design is amazing & lovely

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Very beautiful kolam from you...strokes are so casual and very neat .well done.