Tear drop rangoli

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Here is another version of tear drop kolam. We put this for Chittirai Thirunaal.13-7 cross dots.

Rangoli: Tear drop rangoli


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this traditional kolam is decorated very well. Ur style of decorating is really really good.

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very beautiful dotted kolam with attractive colors.

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hai.. lovely broad strokes and the spread of colours s so nice...

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Wow! very nice. The colour combination, the strokes and a different look for a common rangoli. thank you

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Wow!!!!!!!!! Nice one. The design, colouring, strokes are all perfect. Why did u call this as tear drop i didnt get. U hve placed the simple in a different presentation. I like the creativity. thank you

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cool coloring and bold borders, thanks for sharing

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This is a very common kolam but your thick, neat, and artistic strokes combined with the wonderful coloring gives it a grand look. Beautifully done

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Very nice kolam.Good color flow is excellent !

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ordinary design extraordinarily beautiful. The inner design is dancing like anything with flying colors.

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Simple kolam became very beautiful by the colours you have used, colouring techniques and the texture of the kola podi. Paarthukkonde irukkalam pol irukkiradhu.

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hello madam, kolam is quite good. neatly colored and strokes are good. agila

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This is a very good work. Good colours, clean filling and very attractive. Tears of joy for everyone Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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wow! what a color sense n stylish strokes!! very well done. looking so attractive

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excellent design and colours...looks different....waiting to see more of ur creations...

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What strokes, what colouring, what a design, what an effort - everything so PWEWRWFWEWCWT (just wanted to say something different so I put a W between every letter - hehe)

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judy commenting kooda romba unique Smile

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Perfection in all.....-Indira

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Honey drops are ready to drip out from the flower, Guess HONEY DROP would be an idea title for you kolam...
Fine shading technique.. lovely work..

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flawless work, very pucca