Tamil New Year's Day

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Kolkata - India

On the occasion of Tamil New Year's Day. This is adapted from Kumudam Snehidhi (pooppandhal).


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Brindha neat presentation.

Brindha neat presentation. lovely kolam with beautiful colors

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What a beauty this one

What a beauty this one is!!!!

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antasitic kolam brindha..

antasitic kolam brindha..

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அழுத்தமான அழகிய கோலம்!Nice to see a chikku kolam from your fingers!

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Great work dear :)

Great work dear Smile

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Very beautifully presented,

Very beautifully presented, Brindha mam. As Viji mam said, I too remember that you told us you are learning sikku kolam, but you are a master in sikku kolam


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Brinda, recently you told

Brinda, recently you told that you are learning sikku kolam.
But very very soon you shown your talent in putting sikku kolam. Very great dear.
Very pretty kolam.

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FANTASTIC Brintha mam.

FANTASTIC Brintha mam.

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fantasitic kolam brindha...

fantasitic kolam brindha... in middle flower so sweet.......

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very very nice brinda mam.

very very nice brinda mam. neat and pleasant poopandal...beautiful.

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Very well done Brindha

Very well done Brindha Mam.

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VERY superb and very well

VERY superb and very well done on the floor.

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it is Madubala of hindi old

it is Madubala of hindi old bollywood .very preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyy.Beautiful dear .Difficult to nremove the eyes form this kolam

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Fantastic brindha,new yr

Fantastic brindha,new yr wishes dear

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Wow....beautiful kolam

Wow....beautiful kolam brinda...and wish u a very happy new yr too....

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beautiful n happy new year

beautiful n happy new year brindha!-suguna murugesan

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Brinda Simply superb ...with

Brinda Simply superb ...with Bright strokes.......

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Real beauty :-) happy new

Real beauty Smile happy new year!

Regards! - mOhana

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Brindha........Beautiful,neat & elegant!!.A Beautiful gift from you for tamil uagdi. I wish you and all my kolam dear friends A happy and prosperous " New Souramaana ugadi".
Regards ....sudhamani.