Sweet packet :-)

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Here is a hexagonal chikku kOlam for a triangle (dots 9 to 1). There are five independent strings. The second one on the left top is actually light yellow, but somehow it came out almost white, but didn't feel like repeating the whole thing again Wink For some reason, when I see this, I am reminded of my childhood days when we used to purchase packets of sweet and savoury in shops with heaps of them arranged as pyramids. They used to take dried lotus leaves and make a pyramidal type of packet with a string tied all over. In those days, they used to cost one anna (six paise) when rice used to be sold for one rupee a paDi (not kilo). Well, any way, enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Sweet packet :-)


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I'm going to be busy unraveling these colorful strings in my dreams tonight, and hopefully get to eat some yummy Agra-ka peda. I can dream about any sweet that I'm in the mood for. No wait, I want more. On the way, I'm going to stop by Mathura too for some Mathura-ka pedas. :0
I'm reminded of the padi measure (from 1/4 onwards) that my grandma uses back home. And I think she still uses her 'ser' measurement for measuring freshly churned butter, if I remember it right. Smile

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Though this looks simple, not that easy to recreate (Rajam is an exceptional). ellorukkum kuzhandhai paruvathai ninaivu paduthiya indha kolam miga arppudham!

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Very colourful triangular kolam.

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Very nice & colourful

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lovely design.

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Excellent collection of kolams JKM - the effect, colouring, designing and shapes are all fantastic Smile

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Lovely pattern Mohanaji.

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Marvellous design, I go with Lata, my mouth is watering for these pedas !!!!!

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Fine inter-woven triangles, excellent description comparing to sweet shop decorations and mouth watering comments!

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lovely design jkm sir....

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excellent design/colours...heheh jayaji nice comment..

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JMK sir lovely pattern and coloring... this reminds me of the candyman who used to come by our house with a candy made to look like a doll and used to make watches and cycles and moustache!!! I think it was called bombai mittai not sure though...

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lovely triangular kolam with colours.JMK sir. sweet memories of childhood will never go off from our mind.