Studio rangolis

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This small rangolis i have drawn in front of Thulasi brindhavanam everyday,these are clubbed as one file and uploaded here.

Rangoli: Studio rangolis


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As usual super Lakshmi. I was about to ask why Lakshmis creations are not seen now a days.
Aha feast to eyes.
great work and colour as usual.

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OMG! this is extemely beautiful. The first one n the third one are extrordinary( i think it is bcos of the colors).

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Lakshmi's touch is spread everywhere! I like the different shades of greens you have used and the depth of your strokes!

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hai lakshmiiiii...this is really a stunning beauty and feast for d eyes....sooooooooo beautiful....

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and about ur profile picture give us a big pic of that too...its awesome

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hi laxmi, ur perfection ur taste in colouring and particularly ur lace designs is simply superb. particularly that green kolam it gives mat finishing .

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Padma same pinch - I too love the 1st and 3rd kolams very much. They are so novel and the colouring is excellent. Lakshmi you are a GENIUS - goes without saying Smile

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awesome collage of color carpets....3rd design stands out as unique. Looks like there is a kanTihara for the Brindavan in your profile pic Smile

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Hi, Lakshmi, What a beautiful collection. I too like the 1st and the 3rd very much for the colouring technique and design. By the by, do you have so much of time and patience everyday to draw and colour the rangoli's. Great yaar.

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super colour,design decorate,finising touch everything is fantastic. i like 1st kolam very much.

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As usual there is nothing to say except stunning, eye-catching, excellent. The 1st and 3rd are beautiful. The last is one is very beautiful. Like a small carpet or pillow cover or mat o r napkin!

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hi friends many many thanks for ur sweet coments.raniiiiii how ru?

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lakshmi,no words to express the cuteness of the rangoli,especially the kolams on the left hand side

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Loved your creations..

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lovely creations .love the left side ones , dosent mean the others are any less. excellent

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As usual very nice especially the mat rangoli

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Hello Lakshmi maam what can I say about this.. I am spellbound.. it is like giving different colored chocolates to a child and asking it to choose one and I am still thinking which is the most beauty of them all and I feel all are beautiful in their own aspect and the coloring is absolutely wonderful... Lakshmi maam no one can beat u in ur technique

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Lakshmi, Chaala Channageede.. {alphabet C]

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Ver..............................y beautiful.

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I am at a loss for words to praise this as everyone seems to have exhausted all the good words. I can only pray that she is granted a long contented life to enrich our experience.

Regards! - mOhana

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Yesterday I opened this page so many times, but could not give any wordings for my appreciation and feelings. Now after seeing mOhanaji's comment I am happy to say "I repeat What he has written"

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very neat,colorful and beautiful....

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Akka, amazing, eye catching rangolis, great akka, i am really greatful you have your introduction to ikolam, thanks to Lata! I can't bless you like Sir and Rajamma Madam, but i can pray God you give to long lasting life to make us enjoy like this. Thank you so much for uploading your master piece.

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Fantastic kolams.

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All of them are superb, Lakshmi! Your Tulasi brindhavanam is so lucky to see your creations regularly. The orange, red and the blue colours are very bright and in the second kolam orange line look just like woolen threads. Kannupada pogudhu enga Lakshmikku! (Yenga kannellam padaadhu endru ellorum solvadhu ketkiradhu:))

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mOhanaji,rajammaji thanks for the blessings..jayanthiji..hehe (C) thank u..brindha many many thanks...hi friends heart full of thanks to every one for ur sweet comments...