St.Patrick's Day Rangoli

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Hai to all....this is d spl kolam done for St.Patrick's day...hope u like this...ur views pl....

Rangoli: St.Patrick's Day Rangoli


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WoW!! The centre pattern looks too cute and the whole arrangement has come out very well. Beautiful Display:)

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Thank u vinci and btw this is a 5-4-3 dotted kolam and 2-1 on all sides...thanks again for d suda suda comment....

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In the thumbnail view this looks like a star design, this time green color jingucha steals my heart Smile

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Oh its dotted, looks like a freehand style Smile

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wow lovely kolam rani!-suguna murugesan

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very nice Rani.I too thought, It is a free hand design.

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Your design and color are pleasing to eyes!

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very nice ammu mam

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wow very nice gud and beautiful one

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Wow Rani mam this is awesome dear ... the symmetry is so good that it gives a lovely floral pattern in the center... well done

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lovely new dimension from u rani, its really splendid

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Very beautiful.Liked it very much.

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By seeing the thumbnail I guessed who created it Rani Mam. Some thing different pattern from you.

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beautiful white carpet with nice clover leaves, Rani.

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Lovely green and white kolam Rani - looks cute

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Very beautiful rangoli! Just by seeing the thumbnai, I could guess that it was yours!

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very nice rani mam. different execution. beautiful.

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Thank u suguna, suba, jaya mam, malar, priya, pushpa, uma, chandy, kameswari mam, brinda, judy, sindhu for ur sweet comments...thanks again to all of u...

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Thanks pa vasanthi...

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This looks very pretty and very symmetrical too ..nice creativity...Have you used photoscape for the effect? Superb one.

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Simple, but very pretty, good symmetry too.

Regards! - mOhana

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Looks like a stencil work. coloring is veru pretty on the white base/.

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Thank u sowmya(yes ...i applied a soft blur texture....using photoscape and d centre clover design too was done using ms paint..), thank u jkm sir and rajamma mam ...thanks again...

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Very pretty kolam. A different creation from RAni. The green colour steals the heart.

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Very nice and cute.