Step kolam

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My grand daughter call this "Step Kolam" and she helped colour it too.

Rangoli: Step kolam


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nice one

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nice rangoli mam thanks for taking me to my younger days when i started drawing kolams this was one among d other designs to start

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Nice to see your grand daughter's involvement in your rangoli!

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Yes I agree with the title of step kolam... I also used to try this kolam when I started off putting kolams..nice to involve your grandaughter in ur work... it is always good to pass on the beautiful art onto your next generation

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nice one. convey my wishes to your grand daughter.

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The inner pink and blue design resembles Preeti's recent kolam.Good that younger generation's interest in this art.Encourage her more.

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very nice.........colorful one -Indira

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nice one.

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So happy to see the younger generation interested in making kolams - nice colouring Smile