Stencil rangoli

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Hi rangoli with stencil and white maavu. My neighbours used to rub off my powder rangoli so started drawing as such. Pls let me know your comments

Rangoli: Stencil rangoli


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Beautiful stencil kolams and cute maa kolam, Devi. So sad my dear that ur neighbours are rubbing off ur coloured kolams. Don't they have the courtesy to admire the beauty of ur kolam?


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beautiful kutti maakolam n stencils decorations!-suguna murugesan

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lovely collection

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thank u mam for all ur comments

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beautifully made cute kutty kolams devilakki...maha, its the fact neighbours envy on us like anything da, the days have gone that all neighbours lived together like a family...da...that too in our city life (mechanical life) we do not find time to do our work schedule itself...that too office goers are so unlucky pa..the neighbours are thinking that we are head weighted not talking to they could not tolerate or have the courtesy to admire when we present something beautiful..In my case I experienced a lot dear...Devilakki...I think devilaki and me are sailing in the same boat...

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kolams are good,but i want some more patterns in padi kollam