Star Kolam

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About Star Kolam : PRINT

11-6 dots basically...
then 5-1 dots on each side of the hexagon shape

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Star Kolam


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Your strokes are so neat and the design is very pleasing to look at. Border is intricately drawn (is that hand drawn or via metal tube/roller). Thank you for the visual treat. Smile

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wow!! very good hexagonal design in chikku kolam.. looking too good n different..

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just too good ....this pl give a closer pic of ur border also...

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Wonderful broad and dark strokes - makes the kolam stand out.. Perfect picture:)

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Wonderfully drawn hexagonal chikku kolam. Bold strokes make the kolam very beautiful.

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lovely kolam radha..i like the strokes..looks diff

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evenly made lines makes this more perfect...thanks for sharing

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Welcome to ikolam! Neat presentation. Hope to see more and more from you.

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Lovely kolam... I have this in my collection... I can see kuzhal borders if i am not mistaken, wud hv been nice to have a closer look at them

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Thanks for all ur comments...
Lata mam.. border is not hand drawn... its a plastic roller.... thank u

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Radhaji nice star kolam. ( even your small dots look like stars in the sky). very neat drawing with bold ezhai. Envy your floor.

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Thank u rajam mam...

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Millions of stars in the sky are smiling at this big star on the earth......

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very nice kolam Radha. Good symmetry and the strokes have come out even and neat. The outer borders are also seems to be good. But we can't make out the exact design.

Vinci's picture

Neat strokes and good symmetry. Looks Pleasing to eyes...

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Lovely and lively strokes and clean work! Nice chikku kOlam.

Regards! - mOhana

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VEry well drawn with neat strokes.

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Nice andneat neli kolam. has come well