special Diwali wish kolam to ikolamites

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About special Diwali wish kolam to ikolamites : PRINT

This kolam is specially drawn to wish the ikolam founder Lata mam and the early ikolamite members like Judymam,Rajammamam,Jeya mam,Lakshmimam,Brindhamam,Bharathi mam,jkm uncle and many ,who became a family thru this site.This kolam is done by Mrs.Rani selvaraj in kola kuzhlal to wish u all a happy and prosperous DHANDHERAS and wonderful DIWALI.my kolam of same pattern in free hand follows this post, that too dedicated to the Predecessors of ikolam site and Lata mam as a token of love.

diwali 2010
Rangoli:  special Diwali wish kolam to ikolamites


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Very Nice.

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Thanks for your wishes Deepa. Wish you a very happy Diwali.

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Good work, I am not going to bite the bait of comparing the two sets of lizards Smile I appreciate your sentiments, dIpA ma'am. I too wish you a happy dIpAvaLi, tamasO mA jyOtirgamaya, lead me from darkness into light!

Regards! - mOhana

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It becomes harder to write something whenever I read such descriptions. Mainly due to lack of words in my mind to convey. Kuzhal work is amazing in this design. Thank you Deepa and Rani!
Thank you for the wishes, and wish you a happy Diwali too. Smile

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Very nice,deepa...Thank you for ur wishes.

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Thanks for the sweet wishes Deepa. Hope you and your family too had a splendid diwali Smile

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yours is freehand kolam?unbelievable.very nice.very nice.

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Lata, I donot think it is Deepa's kolam. Rani's kolam repeated by mistake I think.

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I agree with rAjammAjI!

Regards! - mOhana

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I knew that this was Rani's kuzhal kolam, but submitted by Deepa. I guess Deepa didn't know that Rani had also submitted her own version the same day. I had to publish both because both the kolams had different descriptions from two different artists. Smile

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Very Good work by Rani Madam Deepaji.

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Yeah...i too felt so uneasy to see d same kolams of mine side by side...i thought deepa misunderstood that i requested her to upload my kolam by her on my behalf.....i just sent it to deepa to have an early look of my version....thats all d matter....

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Wow, very very very beautiful, Happy Deepavali to you.