Sona hexagon - 2

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This is a sona hexagon made with a 4-3 pattern. Two types of lines only are obtained. See how the linking is obtained. Look at the white triangular chikku besides the other up-and-down threading. I placed in the centre the dotted motif just to fill the space. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Sona hexagon - 2


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mmmm..... I have to spend sometime, study a lot, then only can comment.

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wow jkm sir...yr earlier sona design kolam was itself time consuming to follow...however done....this design of urs is something we have to sit a whole day and do some research...lovely work....

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Very intelligent and beautifull kolam. The distance between the dots, both ways, are exact, which has made the kolam perfect. Excellent work.

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JKM sir, what to say i am really dumb stuck to see such a superb kolam. i am really not able to take my eyes of it. The overlapped lines looks really beautiful. very well done sir, thanks for sharing such a beautiful and splendid work

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அழகான பின்னல் கோலம், பேரிலேயே தங்கம் இருக்கிறது, ஆனால் கோலமோ பிளாடினத்தில் போட்டது:) மிக அழகாக இருக்கிறது:)

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Whatelse can I say?


MANGALA fantastic icould not do it immediately

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very well done kolam jkm.shall I try it in photoshop, if it is possible?very attractive design.

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wow!! fantastic..i like the overlapped lines ...looks grand...

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very very beautiful and gud one.

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Wow excellent JKM ji. The overlapping lines r very beautiful.

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I am not able to differentiate, is it photoshop kolam or used chalk on black board. Marvelous job.

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Fantabulous job. Chakravyuham நினைவு வருது. U have tons of patience sir.

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JMK sir as usual excellent execution by you...

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Looks so much like a kolapodi, kaavi kolam on a black granite slab JKM. Extremely beautiful, especially the way each line overlaps and inter-twines each other - I love this one Smile