snake and peacock rangoli

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this rangoli is drawn for the new year. this is not for the contest. new year begins with lord murugar blessings with snake and peocock. is it nice.

thank u

Rangoli: snake and peacock rangoli


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Marvellous!! No words to appreciate.. Hats off!!!

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Excellent Preethi maam, the snakes and peacocks are really nice. the border flowers gives a rich look. eventhough the new year wish is late but a feast for eyes, thanks for sharing

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Preethi, after a long time seeing ur hand work. Fantastic triangular design, with excellent coloring. The Snakes and Mayils are looking very nice. Super outer DIYA border.

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Extremely beautiful! Good symmetry too!

Regards! - mOhana

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Preethi ma'am this is very beautifully drawn... Especially I liked the outer border and the smiling snakes Smile very well drawn ma'am keep it up

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wow sooooo nice, wonderful concept and design....also a symbolic way of living with harmony, in real, peacock feast on snakes, i have heard they can even eat cobras.

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superb drawing. and very beautiful

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Hi preethi, after a long time seeing ur rangolis,how ru?excellent rangoli and very nice colour match,beautiful border...keep it up.

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thank u for every one to appreciate this work.

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Excellent rangoli,design,color combination.The outer border looks like as if they are lighted

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looks awesome preethi. Peacock, snakes , drawn very beautifully.
keep it up1

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Superb rangoli. nice work

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Preethi this is really wonderful - every part of the kolam is so neat and I can see how much involved you have been while doing this. Perfect symmetry, neat drawing, wonderful colours, excellent combination of colours. Your smiling serpants are so nice to look at - only one wee mistake - you should have outlined the body of the peacocks with white or even black for that matter - would have made a lot of difference - see how the snakes look with that black outline?? On the whole a wonderful creation Smile