Small Neli Kolam

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Hi All,
Today, on the occasion of Mahalaya Ammavasa, I made this small neli kolam with wet rice flour. I'm not a specialist (like you people) in making kolams, still i liked to share this with you all to seek your comments and suggestions for improvement.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Small Neli Kolam


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Mahalakshmi! Smile
I'm glad you shared your design with all of us. Except for a couple of runny spots, the kolam looks nice. I had already written my tips in the email I sent you acknowledging the receipt of your upload. Smile

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Welcome to ikolam!!! your wet maavu kolam is very nice.

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Good try. Only the maavu consistency should be taken care of. Brindha, there is an inspiration for ur kuzhal kolam on the left side of this kolam.

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hai welcome maha....ur maakolam is looking nice...and also d sticker(i suppose) on d left is also lovely...

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Dear Lata mam, Jasree mam, Sjnt mam & Ammu mam,

Thanks for all ur comments and feedback. Ammu mam, the left side image is a sticker kolam only (bought it from Giri trading).
Sjnt mam, as said by you, i'll take care of the consistency from the next time onwards.
Lata mam, thanks for your email.


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Very nice maa kolam...

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Nice maakolam.. Hope you don't mind if I try this design..

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Maha maam lovely maakolam... next time trying taking the photo after it has dried up... it will be much brighter

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I am glad you uploaded your first attempt because only after you start at the first step you can climb higher. Keep on trying and I am sure you willsoon deliver kolams that others will envy. Next time you take a picture focus on the kolam at an angle so that the flash does not reflect on the floor and spoil the look of the kolam, also you can crop your feet before uploading too - just a suggestion Smile

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Dear Veni mam, Pushpa mam, Vinci mam & Judy mam,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Will definitely consider your suggestions while making kolams next time.

Vinci mam, sure you can try this kolam. It is a dotted kolam 9 to 1 parallel dots.


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very nice maakolam.........

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Very nice maa kolam...

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HI lakshmi mam, Sowmya mam

Thanks for your feedback. Really overwhelmed on seeing so many feedback. This kolam is such a small one as compared to all your contributions. THanks once again to all of you.