small kolams

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Small kolam with rice flour and coloured with rangoli poweder on top


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lovelly coloring

lovelly coloring

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What a great combination you

What a great combination you are using in all your art work.


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kanna , manivanna,dhinam

kanna , manivanna,dhinam dhinam unn pada sarisanam kattuhirayi.Anal
unn thirumuhathai kanum anubavam yeno yengalukku kidaikkavilai.

krishna, nee beganay baro

vandhu vun viswaroopa dharisanathai kattu.

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Excellent symmetry of

Excellent symmetry of petals... Very nice kolam Smile

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Excelent design and colour

Excelent design and colour match also keep it up

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Cute little rangoli

Cute little rangoli Manjula..

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Cute kolam and super petals

Cute kolam and super petals arrengements.........

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Yellow & Red floating flower

Yellow & Red floating flower arrangement is awesome, Manjula Ma'am.... the kolam is very pleasing... it glows with the mild and pleasant colours.....

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NICE. Lata, I think it is

Lata, I think it is the Photo of Sri SAI BABA.

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Beautiful pattern! What is

Beautiful pattern! What is that picture next to Krishna's feet? I see that the picture appears on either the left or in some images to the right in all of your submissions. Smile