small kolams

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design with rice flour and flowers arranged in front of Lord Krishna

Rangoli: small kolams


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Beautiful! Smile
(Long time no see, glad you're back).

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this is so divine....

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At last we get to see that cute Krishna - thanks Manjula (long time since you visited ikolam?? why are you not commenting on anyone's kolams??)

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Judy, already she showed her Krishna once. Missed your Krishna as well as beautiful kolams and floral arrangements, Majulaji. Very divine:)

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Nice kolam, pleasing Krishna and flower arrangement

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Very beautiful, simple and neat design. But i do see a lock and key hanging behind the photo, yahoda used to tie little kris with a rope but u are modern locking with solid lock.... just joking.....

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Manjula maam the photo of Krishna is so cute and the kolam and floral arrangement is nice as well

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wow!!excellent..kolam and floral arrangement has come out very nice.....keep it up

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beautiful kolam and flower arrangements. thanks for sharing. Manjulaji.

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Wow! very beautiful rangOli and flowers, kRshNA must be pleased.

Regards! - mOhana

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Cute kolam and pretty colors..

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at last oru valia krishnar has been revealed out from manju mams camera.. splendid wk as usual