small kolams

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small kolam design with kutthu vilakku kept in the middle &flowers on water

Rangoli: small kolams


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very cuuuute

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nice stroks....

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Looks so Divine, Manjula Ma'am......

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very cute , but where is my favourite Krishna!

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The kuthuvilakku is bright and beautiful the the kolam bordering looks very pretty - so is the bowl of flowers Smile

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Divine kuthuvilakku,color combination of flowers, and the elephants all are good with your kolam.

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The kolam is so bright and neat strokes...

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Nice arrangement!

Regards! - mOhana

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Lovely! Miss you Kaanha. Smile

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Everything cute and nice.
( still wondering why no comments from you on others creations?)

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Very pretty set up... I liked the cute ganesha-lamp behind the vilaku...

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krishnaa nee bEgane baaro..... missing so much Smile ...nicely arranged ManjuLaji