Small kolam

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this kolam was done by my daughter.she did it very after seeing ikolam's kolams she is also very much interested in doing kolams.she puts kolams only on sundays.she likes and admires ammu mam's kolams very much.inspired by those kolams she has tried this one.ur comments please.

Rangoli: Small kolam


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nicely drawn kolam by your daughter...and also nicely coloured...convey my wishes to her...

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cute flowers kolam.... my wishes to her...

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wow such a beautiful kolam! my wishes to her!-suguna murugesan

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kutty kola-raniku welcome, mudal kolame attakasama iruku.

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Oh thanks a lot saka and convey my luv to ur daughter..commendable job she has done here pa....lovely strokes as well as nice choice of cols too.....thanks again...

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Wow, nice work done by ur daughter. Convey our wishes to her.


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very nice and beautiful gud one. this is inspiration of our ikolam. gud job dear.

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is it free hand or dotted kolam it is very beautiful

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Very pretty kolam and lovely double strokes for the borders. My heartfelt wishes to your daughter. Rani mam will surely be very pleased with this. What is your daughter's name and how old is she??

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lovely rangoli

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thank you ---all aunties.this is a dotted kolam7-1 straight mummy taught this and i tried it.she did the border for me.i will try some more on sundays.the best will be put on here for u all to see.---------gomathi.thank you once again for encouraging me.

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cute one....

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how many dots

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Your daughter has done a pretty kolam with nice colouring. Happy to see younger generation involving in this art.

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vaery nice colourful kolam done by ur daughterdear. convey our wishes t her .keep encouraging her todo more and more kolam for our treat .