simple kolam

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This is a simple daily kolam.. which i put on roaad.. wen i remebr no kolams in morning,,,.. kalpu

Rangoli: simple kolam


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cute kolam!-suguna murugesan

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cute glittering kolam.

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very very cute mam.

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So sweet.

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very cute.

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Good job! What a waste of precious space? This comment is not meant for you alone kalpu ma'am, it is for everyone. When we hear quite often latA ma'am's struggles for space, why not we trim our figures and save kilobytes for her?

Regards! - mOhana

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small and cute

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cute one

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Very cute kolam.

Taken note of JKM sir's suggestions.


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Cute one Kalpana, steady improvement in the strokes. Very nice.

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very nice kalpana mam. Yes mam, please crop the picture as JKM Sir said.

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Very pretty and neat one.

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Simple and cute kalpu...