Simple Kolam

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Dear friends,
It is a very simple dotted kolam with maroon dots(By MSPaint) for you...
Dot count

Rangoli: Simple Kolam


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Pretty trumpet (or funnel) shapes in the design.

(My mistake; I'll tag it as dotted tomorrow. Tagging it now would make this go out of the main page).

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OMG! this is a pitcher plant kolam! Nepenthes! Nepenthes is a carnivorous plant (bug eating). I would love to make one using photoshop as a medium. Nepenthes is my all time favorite plant in the world (since childhood). But, I also know that Mrs.Indira would not permit me to copy. Smile

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Indira maam, really the kolam is very nice. Soooooo hot !!!!!!!!! really the softees (Cone icecreams) tastes very sweet. Thanks indira for cone treat for a perfect season.

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beautiful rangoli.

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Indira, this is a very beautiful rangoli


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I could view ONLY yummy icecream cones.. The red dots does the magic.. Lovely kolam..

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wow!!ice-cream cones!!! dots gives lovely look to this.

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Beautiful simple kolam. Sticker-like red dots are lovely!

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hai such a neat one u tend to make simple designs look grand with all ur red and pink colours lovely

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Mam, the kolam is very beautiful and perfect shapes

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Right you are Lata - indeed it looks like a pitcher plant to me also - and just see the number of bugs each one of them have swallowed already.

Indira - apt for Chennai season - cone icecreams as it is hot here already. Very very neat work. Sleek strokes and the idea of putting maroon dots with MS paint is too good - makes it stand out and draw everyone's attention - excellent Smile

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its summer, thanks for the pretty cool sundae icecream cone...3-scoops is really good/heavy filling Smile and chota-trumpet free with them

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thanks for giving ice cream delight.. beautiful kolam

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That's anice kolam indira. As always ur kolams are cute.

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Nice Ice kolam? Hey, for me it looks like circus komali searching the trumpets .lovely red dots.

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Thanks to all for your sweet comments...-Indira