sikku kolam62

subashini Thu, 02/07/2013 - 04:03

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow subha mam, my son fainted after seeing this superb chikku kolam. He is asking what is this ma, is this heaven rangoli or home rangoli... ;) :D :D What a grand treat mam. :party: Wonderful Wonderful... :)
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Amazing Suba! such a big chikku kolam in black and white!Very perfect! Would love to copy this on the floor.How much time u took to finish it? :)
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Gomathi, how is that you are able to spend so much time in drawing big big kolams everyday and commenting spontaniously on all uploads, when there are two cute boys around you ? :bigsmile:
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I forgot all my worries and I am so relaxed when working with iKolam mam. So, I am working everyday with my son together. Which means my younger son is watching a video on one side and I am working other side with iKolam mam. :)
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ammuchandhini idhu...ippadi ellam create pannina enge nelemai konjam yosichu paarunga(if u keep on creating such beauties think of how we r going to try all these beauties on floor)....super super kolam...sure will give a try after my margazhi kolam q is over :p ;) :bigsmile: but such thinnnnnn strokes....hmmmm :(( :tired:
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Wow Suba dear, I cant stop admiring this beauty again and again ... how I wish I had enough space to replicate this... J) Anyways I know SOME queen will J) Fantastic work Suba dear.
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