sikku kolam1

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this is 15 to 1 straight dots. this was taken from my MIL 's 1st notebook of kolam. hope u all like it.

Rangoli: sikku kolam1


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good one, keep try more from your mils collections...convey our wishes to her too...thanks for sharing

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Beautiful sikku kolam...convey my wishes to ur mil bharathy mam...till now i thought ur mil's name was bharathy....

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Hello, Rani ma'am. You are right. My mother's name is Bharathy. The kolams are uploaded by my SIL, Deepa, who is writing the comments.- Indu

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Lovely kolam, did you draw this? I like the round suzhis shape, The bottom design looks like a mother holding her twin kids Smile

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very nice kolam ..nice strokes

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Vinci same pinch - I too have fallen for those round suzhis - they look so pretty and perfectly made..

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Looks nice.

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Very nice chikku kolam. Excellent round chikkus. Awaiting to see more such 'old' kolam collections of your MIL.

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Lovely chikku kolam with very beautiful strokes.

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Ok ok ...deepa mam, indu it...inime (from now on) no confusion hahaha..

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nice sikku kolam done casually

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Beautiful chikku pattern with nice strokes.

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Lovely sikku kolam.