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About Sikku Kolam For Contest - Jasree : PRINT

Hai Friends!!!!! I have uploaded my sikku kolam for your views, Exp. your valuable comments for further improvement...
Dots details
10dots - 10lines
Another 10dots single line on all the four sides
All the eight sides 5dots - 2lines, 3dots one line & 1dot

Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2011
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam For Contest - Jasree


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Jayanthy mam colorful ,brightful and beautiful All the best!-Indira Sundar

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Jayanthi maam beautiful colorful chikku kolam... looks very pretty... all the best

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Wow...bright and beautiful sikku kolam dear...all d best...sure it would've taken a lot of time to col d whole kolam na...

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Very very pretty colourful chikku kolam which is very bright and beautiful...all the best..

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Bright colourful kolam. Good luck

umaraja's picture

hai jayanthy, all d best, a fully colored sikku looks pretty, neat presentation and well executed

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Excellent chikku kolam with very neat and clear lines. The orangish red colour used in the kolam is attractive. All the best.

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Nice big kolam joining many small kolams. - Indu

chandy's picture

Very lovely colourful chikku kolam

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Lovely and colourful sikku kolam. Looks like sikku flower. All d best.

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very nice colourful sikku kolam.....all the best....!!!!

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very colorful chikku kolam.All the best.

brindhanagesh's picture

beautiful kolam with colours, Jayanthi.

veena manigandan's picture

Colourful chain spinning around. Very nice.

P.Veni's picture

Lovely sikku kolam.All the best.

rajapriyaks's picture

colourful and nice

judelined's picture

Quite a different looking kolam Jayanthi - only you could have uploaded a better picture for clarity. all the best

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Neat and colorful. The centre chikku looks appealing in color. All the best.

RAJIKOLAM's picture

Very beautiful chikku kolam

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neatly presented with lovely colors....very beautiful...all the best

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

very very pretty colour done with lots of care and love. Bright, colourful and only thing I can say i want to click as much stars as present in the sky. All the best!. Going to give tough competition to others.

lakshmiraghu's picture

Lovely and colourful sikku kolam. Jayanthi .All the best

Sarasp's picture

All the best !!!

bsindhuja's picture

Lovely colouring for a traditional chikku kolam. All the best

maheshwarisekar's picture

nice coloring & the sketch ...... good.

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Neat, bright and colourful Jayanthiji. Best of luck

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Lovely presentation Jasree mam. I appreciate ur patience in colouring each and every block. All the best to you.


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Thanks to all for the encouraging comments. Though I am not well conversed with sikku kolam, just I've tried this to make an attempt in the contest. Thanks again for the lovely comments....

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nice work!!! realllyyyy gr88 awesomeeeeeeee colouringgggg

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very nice design coloured in a great way!

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Beautiful. Very neat. The colours look very pretty and so neatly done.

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Very very nice. Rangoli cum chikku kolam.

alameluranganath's picture

colorful and beautiful

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Kaleidoscope colours.
Nice effort madam.Saraswathy

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Beautifully coloured kolam.Congrats!

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Dear Mam,

very nice sikku kolam. colour combination is too good. I saw the first time Sikku Kolam with colour.


sudhabalakrishnan's picture

very nice kolam with colours, looks great, best of luck

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Jayanthi nice kolam.
Design..... simple 6,4,2 dotted design very nicely joined to give this fantastic design.
Dots..... Nicely placed without any confusion and well connected.
drawing......The vertical and horizantal placement is effectively drawn without any chikkal. the green coins in between is charming.
Coloring.... the coloring around the dits has given a new look to this kolam.
so it is a " Chikkal rangoli"


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Thank you Rajamma Mam for the detailed comments....