sikku kolam 5

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About sikku kolam 5:

This is a very easy kolam. Dots - 11 - 11 side - 2-2. Your Views on it!

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: sikku kolam 5


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Nicely drawn, could have used different colours for different lines. My mischievous self imagines kitten heads all around Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Veni maam neat and crisp white strokes on a green carpet makes this kolam look absolutely beautiful... very neatly drawn

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very nice

anirudh's picture easy one for us to try Smile

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Lovely chikku kolam Veni - I have this in my collection too Smile

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The big sikku kolam has come out nice. Next time see that the strokes are even and parallel so that we welcome your kolam with total RED CARPET.

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Very nice chikku kolam.

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Very nice chikku kolam.

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Thank you all for your comments

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Nice one, looks easier but not so easy as it looks ! (for me Smile )

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not so good..... jus okay.....

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nice chikku kolam. yes can see poonai kuttis on all the sides of the table waiting for the milk to be served!

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very nice.

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haiiii veni lovely sikku bukku kolam on yr cot....

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Veni maam, simply suppperbb, very neatly drawn chiku kolam looks very pretty