sikku kolam

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this is my favourite kolam drawn in front of my house.views please

Rangoli: sikku kolam


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hai veni...i think i saw this yesterday.....btw friends veni is an expert in chikku kolams .....wait to see more from her....

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Very neat and beautiful chikku kolam.

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Ayyo,Ennale poda mudiyathu!!!nice chikku kolam.Thank you Veni for sharing

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Neat strokes. And nice kolam design which I'm seeing for the first time..

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I like this very much - Veni you are an expert indeed - can make out by the way you have done this kolam. Eagerly waiting for more and more. I will try this one on the computer also one of these days Smile

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Nice chikku kolam. I think u have drawn this in a hurry.wxpecting more from u.
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I really amazing to see this kolam because sikku kolam is very tough to me that's why Iam amazing to see this.
Super kolam well try .

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i am very much pleased to see such reception from the ikolam friends.thank you all once again

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Here comes another chikku kolam expert. Very beautiful kolam and like to see many more from you Smile

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simply superb veniji

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Veni, superb chiku kolam really very neatly drawn , keep it up waiting to see more of your creations.

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Veni maam chikku kolam looks fabulous and neatly drawn by you... eagerly waiting to see more from you

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awesome Veniji, thank you

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very well-made chikku kOlam. You could have used two different colours which would have enhanced the beauty.

Regards! - mOhana