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This is another sikku kolam created by me using some property. Hope you all like it.

Rangoli: Sikku-Kolam-37


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Wow, Padma. Nice creativity. You have placed a real lotus flower in centre and developed this design. Very beautiful it is. At the outset it looks like an umbrella. Nice lotus umbrella to get rid of the agni veyil in Chennai.


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wonderful creativity padma.well done.Truly, it is very beautiful and attractive.

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nice creativity ......very attractive

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what an imagination, Padma!.Real lotus on the leaf? The lotus design and the chikku kolam around it looking so fresh and fair. The white dots are" water drops on the lotus leaf?"

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Thank you Maha, Suba, Swathi and Rajamma mam. But all of you are quite wrong in guessing what the property is.
Can you guess again what it is??????

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Padma very nice and brightful kolam. i think the green is a banana leaf.... the lotus is real., i am correct.,

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Extremely pretty indeed! Let me guess, my guesses are always quite tangential Smile In the centre is a lotus surrounded by the lotus rangOli and on the outside is a white pattern radiating light. Therefore can it be your name - padma and prakASa?

Regards! - mOhana

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JKM sir, what a logical thinking by referring to Padma's name. Really great.


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Wow...padma...nice creativity in using d lotus bud in d centre for a lotus design kolam....lovely work done by u dear....

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Padma mam, i think u have used a real lotus and the leaf looks like a cheambu (i don't know what they call in other languages) leaf. In the bottom of lotus flower you have kept some object which is brown in colour, not able to guess what it is. May be a small wooden stick.


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Wow! Padma mam excellent creative work. lotus bud and banana leaf as base superrrrrrrb mam...

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Thank You friends for your beautiful comments.
@Julien - The green is a banyan leaf but it is not real.
@JKM sir - wonderful relation to my name. I myself had not thought about this logical relation. I agree 100% with you and thanks for the creative meaning.
@RAni - In the centre it is the lotus bud but again not a real one.
@Vasanthi - its the lotus bud and the banana leaf. But both are not real one.

OK friends I reveal what it is. The property I have used is the dining table mat which is in the shape of a leaf and lotus bud in the center as part of the design. I have drawn the outer lotus and the outer sikku kolam design. So its purely a white coloured rangoli and the colours are artificial.

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Padma lovely creativity .As rightly analysed by our rao sir it is a padma -praksh kolam .Hats off to u dear

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thanks for sharing padma mam, but I appreciate your creativity in using the dining table mat for centre design and white kolapodi kolam border as outer part....good work mam.

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Wonderful and lovely imaginary work

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Thank you Dr.Rekha, Vasanthi and Nitya for your appreciating comments.

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Beautiful work mam.

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Nice imagination. In the Home Page, the image looked like a dancing peacock to me.

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wow amazing padma!-suguna murugesan

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Oh no, I missed an interesting and an artistic guessing game! Sad
I enjoyed your kolam and your explanation, Padma.