Sikku Kolam - 37

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Hello Friends,This is another sikku kolam drawn in the evening Dots-15-1.Your views please...

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 37


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Veni Madam, Evening kolam kuda 15 pullila poduringa!!! Nice with Kaavi looks...

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omg,, even my cofi is made in a hurryburry every eve.. i wonder hw my frnd is able to do such a neat job in the eve,,hats off veni

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looks very bright...Oh11morning one kolam evening one kolam..great..idhenna morning kolathukku bonus kolama?

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மாலை கோலம் மனதை அள்ளுது !

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Thank you vinci, uma,lakshmi.... If time permits i made evening kolam.

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Thank you rajamma mam..

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Kaavi border makes this kolam look thookal... wonderful creation Smile

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cute and compact kolam veni....looks gorgeous....uma...naanum veniyum kalayil due to rain....(.one and only reason)....poda mudiyelenna evening aajar aagividuvom kolam podradukku....

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Thank you judy and rani.

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Veni maam I absolutely loved this kolam... I dont have this and with ur permission I am copying it into my collection

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Lot of "vENis" here! Extremely nice.

Regards! - mOhana

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Very nice sikku kolam with kavi border.

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Very cute, bright due to kavi and attractive.

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Thank you pushpa,jkm sir,jasree and padma....

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looks like a print ! hats off..

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very nice kolam....