Sikku Kolam

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Inspired by Pushpa mam's sikku kolam, i too tried it in my house, pl tell good/fair/bad?

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam


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This is not good/fair/bad! This is one of the BEST! Smile

(Just out of curiosity, is purple one of your favorite color? The blue/green colors are so beautiful. And yes, you got away this time as you're wearing green. I'll get you next year Nithya.) Smile

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Be optimistic yaar this is for sure a truly really very beautiful one with regards

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it is very gud and beautiful.

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Thank you lata, ammu mam and alamelu mam for nice encouragement. Lata, yes, Purple is one of my favorite colour

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nice attempt

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very good! But for a small mistake on the right hand side, you have done this with confidence!

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Too good kolam, nithya.

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Nithya beautiful fushion kolam...i like the strokes...

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Nice fusion, The dotted ezhai kolam circling the inner rangoli is excelent. Me too love purple color very much.

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very nice kolam.

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Thank you indu, jaya mam, subashini, sreegiri, Rajamma madam and lakshmi akka, for your lovely comments

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Nithya maam this is a lovely kolam and I am sure we will get to see more such kolams from you ... minor errors do happen especially in chiku kolams and this one seems to be a little difficult, but I feel it happens even with the most experienced ones... overall it looks very very beautiful ... go ahead and give us the feast of many more such wonderful kolams

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Hey Nithya - never knew you were a chikku kolam expert too - this is really very neat and your strokes are also very good.

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Nithya, great super chiku kolam, very nice keep it up.