Sikku Kolam -16

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About Sikku Kolam -16:

Hi Friends,Due to rain and guest a small kolam for your comments....Dots - 15-5

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam -16


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Instead of Dots -13-5 i wrote15-5,Sorry Friends...

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Nice to see a bigger version of 5x5 kolam. Cute kolam..

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Veni, a 'jujubi'( easy one for you) is very nice. All can give a try.

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Hai veniii...missed to see this at yr house....eppadi eppadi...?btw lovely kolam...

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very nice chiku kolam, it may be simple for you but for others !!!!!!!!!!

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Moorthy siridhanalum keerthi peridhu:) Cute kolam.

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Thank you vinci,rajamma mam,rani, sudha and brinda...

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This is actually very nicely drawn. Good symmetry too. Some more care could have been taken when drawing near the rounded centre dots.

Regards! - mOhana

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it looks bright and sweet

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gud chikku kolam

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Veni, nice one, but unga usual standard varalai.

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Veni maam u r so good at this type of kolams and "poondhu veladiringa" ... hats off

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Hey Rani - you should have made Veni active in ikolam before our meet itself da - atleast then we could have interacted with her better and visited her house when we came there na?? I feel so bad that we just said a hi and bi to her at the last meet Sad

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Veni - kolam super Smile